About THN

TAIWAN HOME NURSING Inc. is a home nursing company aims to provide a better home nursing services by using home nursing IT system and adopting the BUURTZORG model, a nurse-led model of holistic care that revolutionized community care in the Netherlands. 

Our Mission

Taiwan Home Nursing has existing integration nursing home model with community care service stations which adopting the BUURTZORG MODEL

Self-managing client

Aims for our professionals to make their patient stronger and independent.

Informal networks

Seeks to build a solution involving the client's informal network (family at home or the living environment).

Buurtzorg Team

Teams of professional nurses and nurse assistants, provides coaching support, and trusts to clients.

Formal networks

Seeks to build a solution involving the client's formal network (club or professionals).

Who We Are

TAIWAN HOME NURSING Inc was a new join venture company established in mid of 2018 and initiated by the trio HOME NURSE COMPANY (Chiu-Jung Wang, Ben Kao, and Scott Chang) and supported by Buurtzorg Asia (Dr. Stephan Dyckerhoff). This nursing home company adopted a new organizational nursing home structure consist of a home nurse agency division and a back office division.

Our Team

co founders

Stephan Dyckerhoff, PhD

Chiu-Jung Wang, RN

Ben Kao, MD, MHS

Scott Chang, MBA

Nursing Director

Chiu-Mei Jian, RN

case managers

Chiu-Mei Jian, RN

Rui-Xi Chen, RN

Cherry Wu, SW, MSE


Cherry Wu, SW, MSE

Sheng-Kai Wang, DS

Our Partner